Race for Kicks is an OWOOT racing event. This means you must remain on or over the asphalt/dirt/ice at all times (one wheel on or over the track) and you must execute all stunts. You may not use shortcuts or skip stunts in any way.

How being OWOOT is defined

Replays are checked by using the F3 view, rotating the viewport upwards to the maximum and then clockwise (to the right) three times. No change is to be made to the zoom level. If at any point, from this view, none of the four wheels is at least in contact with the main material of the track (asphalt, dirt or ice), then the replay is invalid. Even if it is apparent that there would be no pixel overlap, the replay is valid as long as there is contact. The reason is that overlap is an abstract concept (as the background pixel really does not exist) and in curves and chicanes, it may not be clearly defined. Other rotations or zoom levels may give different results, but these are not to be taken into account. Still, it is recommended that you avoid any situation that may produce doubts.

Executing all stunts

Each track element usually has an intuitively defined stunt-action. For example, when facing a loop, you're supposed to roll through it, not jump off. When you get to a tunnel, it is understood you must go through it, not over it or on top of it. If you get to a slalom, you're expected to dodge the stones, not go straight through them. This is usually described as "following the yellow/white lines", although this is rather vague (for example, it's clear that there is no violation in rolling inside a pipe).


A speed-up is something you do that is clearly going to improve your lap time, but consists of more than just driving, rather exploiting the game's unreal physics. In many tournaments, this is not allowed. In Race for Kicks, speed-ups are allowed as long as you stick to the OWOOT rules. For instance, when driving on a highway, you may use the boulevard division to jump and accelerate, but the bolevard division is not considered part of the track (asphalt), so at least one wheel must remain partially on or over the asphalt for the replay to be valid. Also, at a pipe entrance, you may use the side to jump in, but the replay will be invalid if the car is seen to be fully off the asphalt. Jumping at the start of banked roads is OK, but make sure you don't fly over the grass if there's a banked corner just after the straightway-to-banked-road transition.

Replay handling

You are allowed to use replay handling. If you did not use it, you can specify that when uploading your replay and this will show up in the scoreboard. Currently, there is no efficient way to verify replay handling use, so replays labeled NoRH will not add any scoreboard advantage.

Replay publicity

All replays will remain private during the race and will be published once it ends. As a racer, you are allowed to make your verified replays public whenever you want. If you do, this cannot be undone.

Car and gears

For every track, a car will be assigned and all racers must use that car. You are free to use any colour and to select manual or automatic transmission. It is planned to improve this in the future so that racers have some degree of freedom in choosing a car.