Current Track

Title: Gálvez
Author: Paleke
Deadline: 31-Mar-2017 (closed)
Car: Porsche March Indy


Special Rules and Info

This track was created by Paleke for his World Stunts Championship around 2006. For that season, Paleke had chosen a theme in which each track was dedicated to an Argentinean racer; in this case, to Oscar Alfredo Gálvez (1913 - 1989) who was a great Formula 1 pilot. I've chosen to feature this track this month because our friend AbuRaf participated in that race (getting a fifth place) and I am in possession of the replay file. As a tribute to our friend, I would like us to race with him one more time. I'll upload his replay, which will add to the scoreboard. Because Paleke's WSC had very similar rules to R4K, this replay is compatible with the tournament.