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- Welcome, guys, to another OWOOT race. This one is very special and is my little tribute to our friend AbuRaf. This track belongs to the former WSC tournament, run by Paleke around 2006 and because AbuRaf participated on this race, I'll post his final replay for this track so we can race by him once more. Race For Kicks hasn't been getting much quorum and it makes sense... Few want to race "for kicks". In contrast, Race for Immortality was quite successful. I was thinking of moving toward a different Stunts project, but before that, I think this race is special enough to get some more quorum and even if it doesn't, I still want to do it in the memory of Anelio. Hope you guys enjoy the race!
Cas, 22 February 2017


Cas @2017-5-2 18:28:6
Sorry. Looks like I haven't checked here for almost a month! I wanted to switch to a new concept, but I don't know for now. If I start a new race, I'll let you guys know.

dreadnaut @2017-4-7 17:23:48
Well done Duplode! Those were some clean lines :) Cas, is the next race coming up soon? Should we advertise in the forum?

Cas @2017-4-4 22:43:15
Alright. Race is closed and replays have been published!

Cas @2017-4-3 15:58:23
31 March was included, that's fine. I haven't closed yet, because I didn't have time to set up the flag. I'll check up the replay later. Any later replay is past-due. Thanks for participating :)

Duplode @2017-3-31 2:51:29
Making sure that this time I'll also have a RH lap. (Do we have one more day to race?)

Cas @2017-3-17 21:56:18
I admit that Leo's assumption makes sense, though, since the rules say "execute all stunts". I could later on, either specifically state jumping over slaloms is allowed or forbid that, but for now, in the middle of the race, I prefer to allow it, as it's what I've been doing so far.

Cas @2017-3-17 21:49:40
Guys, I had never thought about the slalom thing. I think jumping over slaloms should be allowed because it's something that may occur naturally if there's a jump before them, but one can't just decide to do it otherwise. On the other hand, going "through" slalom stones is not allowed.

dreadnaut @2017-3-14 18:10:45
Wait, can we not jump over the slaloms? I though that was fine under these rules.

Shoegazing Leo @2017-3-13 1:58:38
But the really hardest is the final sequence of jumps over a building.

Shoegazing Leo @2017-3-13 1:48:38
The two hardest parts: not jump over slaloms and it's almost impossible with norh


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