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Following the trend going on this season, next race will also feature a custom car. I was trying different cars trying to pick one I had not used before that were moderately fast for R4K. I decided for the Xylocain XF. I'll be adding a link to download the car from here soon. It can already be found at Southern Cross and I think that also at the forum!


Seeker1982 @2019-01-04 20:08:06 UTC
I didn't notice Duplode and Overdrijf sneaking in and posting times - I didn't got a chance to improve my NoRH-Time
Well, happy new year anyways :)

Cas @2019-01-01 18:41:22 UTC
Happy New Year, guys! I think I'll start this season next month :)

Cas @2018-12-26 00:57:46 UTC
All replays published!!! ☺

Cas @2018-12-26 00:54:17 UTC
Now it's indeed closed!

Duplode @2018-12-25 23:36:16 UTC
It turns out there still was some time :)

Cas @2018-12-25 22:38:48 UTC
Merry Christmas! I may take a while to verify that one, but I sure will :)

Duplode @2018-12-25 15:33:26 UTC
Here is a little something. Merry Christmas!

Cas @2018-12-24 18:18:31 UTC
That's alright, mate! I'll see what I can add to the tournament for 2019 :)

Overdrijf @2018-12-23 14:09:17 UTC
I'm not going to be posting a time this race. :( I figured I might get a bit more time towards Christmas, but the opposite happened. I will see you on track in the new year.

afullo @2018-12-22 23:27:55 UTC
Thank you Cas! ;)


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