Live to race


After another short season in 2018... and two busy months with other things, I come back to start season 2019. A track is ready, but the race will not start until 1st March. This time, it's the classic Porsche March Indy you'll be driving. Fasten your seatbelts! :)


Overdrijf @2019-03-22 14:54:03 UTC
O, right, we only have a few days left here. Gotta go race, gotta go race...

Cas @2019-03-21 08:05:59 UTC
You guys really put this to the maximum! ☺

Duplode @2019-03-20 03:49:21 UTC
This track demands precision. Seeker's 1:36.75 is a really strong time...

Seeker1982 @2019-03-18 21:41:44 UTC
@Overdrijf: I'm quite human but i'm a 2e (multi-exceptional) and a long-time Sim-Racing Guy :D (I would be racing in Assetto Corsa etc if I still had a decent steering wheel etc.)

Cas @2019-03-15 23:07:35 UTC
Replays verified. Scoreboard updated!

Cas @2019-03-14 23:50:34 UTC
Ha, ha! Amazing, isn't it? Alright, replay verified! :)

Overdrijf @2019-03-12 10:09:14 UTC
What is this madness? And how does Seeker NoRH it that fast? Is he even human?

Cas @2019-03-09 18:44:35 UTC
Perfect, mate! Verified! ☺

sd4000 @2019-03-09 08:17:08 UTC
Hi Cas! Thank you for the info. I uploaded another replay. This one schould be fine. Greetings.

Cas @2019-03-08 02:54:11 UTC
Welcome, sd4000! Thanks for participating. Precisely, checking your replay, I found that you've driven on top of a tunnel. This is currently not allowed. Sorry, I know it's not obvious. I've been considering changing this rule in the future, because it's the #1 reason why I have had to reject replays in the past. If there's agreement, I could change that starting next race, but this time, I'll ask you to please post another replay


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