Fodix File Analyser

What is Fodix?

I like to say that Fodix is a file analyser, because that describes the original purpose of this project. Of course, it can be used to perform many kinds of tasks, including that of a simple binary editor. There are many binary editors out there and there are other programs with a focus more similar to that of Fodix, but I have found none other that includes all of the most important features you will find with Fodix. If you have a binary file that you would like to understand better or to which you would like to make very specific changes that you can't easily made with a binary editor, there's a good chance that Fodix is what you're looking for.


Fodix includes two editors and one viewer. One of the editors is the traditional binary editor environment most people are used to, so you can use Fodix just the same way as any binary editor, if that's your preference. However, the standard "plain" editor is much more comfortable, since it allows to see much more of the file at the same time and the data panel below provides editing tools much more powerful than those you have in classical editors. There's also the graphical viewer, which comes in handy when you know the contents of the file are two-dimensional. You can adjust the grid width and the cell size and configure how colour is interpreted from the contents of a cell. Fodix also includes functions to synthesize data algorithmically and even a console where you can develop scripts to do exactly what you want to the file.

Fodix screenshot

In development

Because Fodix is still under development, you will encounter some bugs and also find that a couple of functions are currently not implemented. Bugs are usually purely aesthetic. I have never seen the program crash suddenly or damage a file (although you can damage a file yourself, like with any binary editor). The highest priority currently is to implement the ability to edit floating point numbers. The project has grown large and some changes I would like to make will be better if I rewrite the entire project at some point, which will be slow, but not too much, since I can reuse some parts and I already know where I'm heading to. This is why I'm focusing on some functions and leaving others for after the rewrite.


My intention is that Fodix can be distributed as free software under the GPL. But right now, the source code is very messy and I honestly feel it is quite unpresentable. For this reason, I'm distributing Fodix as FREEWARE until it has been rewritten. Keep visiting the site from time to time. It may not be very soon, but I will eventually post the new version with its source.

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