Dimioca Labs

Welcome :)

Dimioca Labs creates software based on a philosophy of simplicity, portability and independence. Most projects are either games or game utilities, usually with a classical style. Programs are designed to require the minimum necessary and to continue to be useful and work normally over time. This is a new webiste and projects will be added as they become available.

Software Projects

Bliss is a track editor for the 1990 cars game Stunts. It's designed to be powerful, easy to use and portable. If you have never played Stunts, you should! Take a look!
Fodix is a file analyser. At first sight, yet another binary editor, but with lots of useful tools that can help you defeat the most puzzling encodings and file formats. Do you know anything like it?
Syderal is an old game I created in 2000 for DOS. Recently, I had the idea to "remaster" it, so that it could run natively on modern OSs. It sure does look old, but it's totally challenging :)

This Website

This site has been written in pure HTML; no JavaScript has been used. Not requiring JS improves browser support as well as the security and privacy of the internet user. No external services have been used. In particular, this website makes no use of Google or Facebook services. Feel free to use ad blockers and browse with JS disabled. No third-party cookies have been used either.


You can write to me at software@dimioca.com